✨᥆ù ᥣ'ᥲm᥆ᥙr ᥱ𝗍 ᥣᥲ ᑲᥱᥲᥙ𝗍é ᥒᥱ sᥱ 𝖿ᥲᥒᥱᥒ𝗍 ȷᥲmᥲіs✨

Where love and its beauty will never fade. We believe that no moment can be repeated exactly the same in the future. That's why we are grateful for photography, a miracle where we can remember everything through pictures. Therefore, make sure your moment is captured by the camera as beautiful and detailed as it was.

behind the lens

Fery Lim

Born in Borneo, Indonesia, Fery's love for nature led him to photography. Starting out as a landscape photographer, he is very patient and passionate about photography, nature, and people.


Gita Lesmana

Gita is a philocalist - she has a genuine passion and love for photography and beautiful things. She can be your photographer or your makeup artist, or both.


what they said

Milosz & Mayela

“Thank you so much!!! I already told you that I loved the makeup but besides that you and Fery were amazing!!! You’re a great team and made us feel so much confident that it was very easy and simple to pose!!”

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